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Keynote Speaker

Anand B Pillai

Anand has been a long time advocate and community leader of the Python programming language in India and Bangalore.

Anand founded the BangPypers community in Feb 2005 as the result of a meeting of Bangalore Pythonistas. He organized and conducted various meetings of the community for the next two years.

The discussions in BangPypers led to the first PyCon India in 2009. Anand has been part of the organizing group of PyCon India since then. Currently he serves as the president of PSSI, the organizing body behind PyCon India. He is also a member of board of PSF.

He has also given a number of interesting talks and workshops for PyCon India in the past.

He has 16+ years of software development experience having worked in a variety of technical roles in a number of software companies. He is currently working as Technical Architect for Tingtun AS, a Norwegian start-up company specializing in e-governance solutions.